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Aigiri Nandini Tamil Pdf Download [NEW]

Aigiri Nandini Tamil PDF Download - How to Get the Devotional Stotra of Goddess Durga

If you are looking for a way to download the Aigiri Nandini Tamil PDF, you have come to the right place. Aigiri Nandini is a famous devotional stotra of Goddess Durga, who is also known as Mahishasura Mardini, the slayer of the demon Mahishasura. This stotra was composed by the great sage Adi Shankaracharya and is chanted by devotees to invoke the blessings of the Goddess.

aigiri nandini tamil pdf download

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In this article, we will tell you what is Aigiri Nandini, what are its benefits and meaning, and how to download the Aigiri Nandini Tamil PDF for free. We will also provide you with some tips on how to chant this stotra correctly and effectively.

What is Aigiri Nandini?

Aigiri Nandini is a Sanskrit term that means "the one who is seated on a mountain". It is one of the names of Goddess Durga, who is also called Parvati, Shakti, Bhagavati, and many other names. She is the consort of Lord Shiva and the mother of Ganesha and Kartikeya. She is also the supreme power that creates, sustains, and destroys the universe.

Aigiri Nandini is a stotra or hymn that praises the Goddess in her various forms and attributes. It describes how she defeated Mahishasura, a powerful demon who had conquered heaven and earth with his army of demons. He had a boon that he could not be killed by any man or god, but only by a woman. The gods were helpless against him and sought refuge in the Goddess. She took the form of Mahishasura Mardini, a fierce warrior with ten arms, riding a lion or tiger, carrying various weapons and symbols. She fought with Mahishasura for nine days and nights and finally killed him on the tenth day, which is celebrated as Vijayadashami or Dussehra.

The stotra consists of 11 verses or slokas, each ending with the refrain "Jaya Jaya He Mahishasura Mardini Ramyakapardini Shailasute", which means "Victory to you, O destroyer of Mahishasura, O beautiful one with flowing locks of hair, O daughter of the mountain". The stotra is full of poetic imagery and metaphors that depict the glory and grace of the Goddess.

What are the benefits and meaning of Aigiri Nandini?

Chanting Aigiri Nandini has many benefits for the devotees. It can help them to overcome obstacles, difficulties, enemies, fears, and sins. It can also grant them prosperity, happiness, peace, health, wisdom, and liberation. It can also awaken their inner strength, courage, devotion, and faith.

The meaning of Aigiri Nandini is not just literal but also symbolic and spiritual. It reveals the deeper truths about the nature of reality, the self, and the divine. It teaches us that we are not separate from the Goddess but are her manifestations. It also teaches us that we have to face our own demons and overcome them with her grace and guidance.

Some of the key messages of Aigiri Nandini are:

  • The Goddess is present everywhere and in everything. She is the source of all creation and destruction. She is beyond all dualities and limitations.

  • The Goddess is compassionate and loving towards her devotees. She protects them from all harm and fulfills their desires. She also tests them and purifies them from their ignorance and ego.

  • The Goddess is powerful and fierce towards her enemies. She destroys all evil and injustice. She also challenges us to confront our own negative tendencies and transform them into positive qualities.