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Shoemaster® Software: The Future of Footwear Design

Shoemaster Software: The Future of Footwear Design

Shoemaster is a suite of software that originated in the 1970âs within the Clarks shoes cadcam r&d department. The software was originally developed to improve quality and productivity in clarks shoemaking operations. It is now in use in over 800 leading shoemaking companies and over 50 shoe design and manufacturing colleges throughout the world[^1^].

Shoemaster offers an innovative range of 3D and 2D CAD/CAM systems for shoe design, control of production and costs, custom made shoe engineering, as well as solutions for the leather goods market. Shoemaster is a user friendly, easy to learn, proven system with a depth of functionality that is based on 45 years of customer focused innovation[^1^].


Shoemaster is used to design and manufacture all types of footwear including high fashion, sports, formal, childrenâs, safety, orthopaedic and custom. Managers, designers, range builders, technical pattern engineers, product development engineers, sample makers and product costing and specification technicians use Shoemaster everyday as their main working tool[^1^].

If you are looking for a reliable and powerful software to create your own footwear models, you can download Shoemaster V7.11.3 from the official website[^2^]. This version includes new features and improvements such as:

  • Improved 3D rendering and visualization

  • Enhanced pattern grading and nesting

  • New tools for custom made shoe engineering

  • Better integration with Atom cutting systems and machinery

  • More options for exporting and importing data formats

Download Shoemaster V7.11.3 today and discover the future of footwear design!Shoemaster software has received positive reviews from users and experts alike. According to 3DSourced, Shoemaster is the best shoe design software for professionals, Windows and Mac users[^2^]. They praise its versatility, functionality and integration with Atom cutting systems and machinery. They also highlight its ability to create realistic 3D models and animations of footwear[^2^].

Shoemaster software also has a YouTube channel where you can watch videos of how the software works and what it can do. One of the videos, titled "Shoemaster - the perfect tool for the perfect shoe", showcases the features and benefits of the Shoemaster CAD/CAM suites for shoe design, cost management and production control[^3^]. You can also see some examples of footwear models created with Shoemaster software on their website[^1^].

If you want to learn more about Shoemaster software, you can visit their website or contact their support team. They offer online training courses, webinars, tutorials and technical assistance for their customers. You can also request a free demo or a quote for their products and services[^1^].Shoemaster software is not only a tool for shoe design, but also a platform for process integration. As part of the Atom Group, Shoemaster has aligned its products and services with the new Industry 4.0 paradigms, which aim to create smart and connected factories that can optimize production efficiency and quality[^1^].

One of the ways Shoemaster software supports process integration is by offering a dedicated package for production management, called "PRODUCTION". This package contains a set of tools for creating and managing technical sheets, bill of materials, consumption calculations and costing. It also allows for easy connection with any ERP system, enabling data exchange and synchronization between the design and the production departments[^2^].

Another way Shoemaster software facilitates process integration is by providing a seamless connection between 3D design and 2D pattern engineering. With Shoemaster ENGINEER-Pro, users can create realistic 3D models of footwear and automatically flatten them into 2D patte